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Easy OSRS Money Making Methods


“Plz money”, “I’m poor gib me gold” and phrases like that often echo around Gielinor, especially the Grand Exchange. No more! Get rich fast and easy with our old school runescape money making guides! In this series we will introduce you to a lot of easy low-requirement money making methods. Everybody knows how profitable it is to run Zulrah, but first we need to get there, don’t we? Numerous easy money making methods are available for gold-hungry power-greedy adventurers but the downside is that a lot of those require the player to have high skill levels or good gear or, usually, both. With these easy old school runescape money making methods you will only need to create an account and we’re good to go.

Baking potatoes

This money making method is simple and easy, one of those “abuse GE prices until you go insane” kind of thing. You will need:

A small supply of gold (at least for one full inventory of potatoes)

Level 7 Cooking (easy to get with tools you receive after Tutorial Island)

Membership (yes, unfortunately, you have to be a member to be able to bake potatoes. Imagine if you had to buy a special ticket for doing this irl, what an injustice, am I right?)

This method is so simple a trained monkey could do it. What you have to do is buy as much potatoes as you can and bank them all. Yes, bank them all, bankers won’t bake them, but we’ll get to it soon. Once you’ve banked as much potatoes as you want to bake, head to Catherby (picture no.1). That location is best for an up-and-going adventurer, since bank and cooking range are so close. All you have to do now is run around like a crazy person with full bag of potatoes on your back. Bank as much as you wish and later sell it at the GE for profit. You will earn around 100gp per potato doing this.

Best spot to bake potatos in OSRS

Picture no. 1

TIP: This method is a monotonic one and practically puts you AFK for short periods of time. To maximize profits you can use several different accounts running from bank to cooking range to bake potatoes or simply supplying the one account that’s baking potatoes with fresh potatoes (the cooking experience you’ll gain will make you a master chef in no time), instead of just watching them burn.

Selling items at Pollnivneach market

Unlike the previous money making method this one will require you to have some runescape gold to begin with. Hence, it comes after. Unlike with the previous one, you will not benefit from using multiple accounts BUT this one will make you around 1 million OSRS gp in an hour! You will need:

Some starting gp


Ring of Dueling


10 Maple shortbow

10 Gold bar

10 Unblessed symbol

10 Maple logs

10 Willow logs

10 Gold amulet

10 Rune arrow

10 Rune javelin heads

10 Gold ring

10 Gold bracelet

2000 gold coins

Willingness to hop worlds constantly

Once you buy the supplies at the Grand Exchange, use your Ring of Dueling to teleport to Clan Wars. From there head to Shantay Pass (picture no. 2). Talk to Shantay and click “buy-pass”. Pass through the gate to the South and talk to Rug merchant. Order a carpet ride to Pollnivneach and once there head to the General store (picture no. 3). Sell the items in batches of 10. This method will not work, if you will sell more and you will end up losing money instead of earning it. The point of this method is to sell items to the merchant for a higher price than you bought them at the GE. More items can be used for this method and you can expand your trading operations once you feel comfortable with this method. After you sell 10 of each item just hop worlds and repeat the process ad infinitum.


Picture no. 2

Picture no. 3

TIP: Other players might be using this method too. If you see these items in merchant’s inventory, it’s a good indicator that someone else is using this method. Hop to another world or try some time later. It’s important to sell these items for a higher price and other players lower it, if they sell before you do.

We hope you will find this helpful and these methods will get you on your road to the riches. You can also check out other money making methods. Of course, if you’re feeling like gold farming is beneath you and instead you wish to spend your time participating in the Theatre of Blood or pwning some nubs at the Duel Arena, you can always buy runescape gold – we’re here to help you!

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