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Runescape gold market is shook!

The most popular gold selling website was recently shut down, and everyone is wondering why.

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Everything happened on 19th of October 2021 when changed their website to display a simple text message seen in the picture bellow. shut down message

People speculate that the recent shutdown was due to the ongoing battle Runescape has with gold selling websites. Recently Runescape mods mentioned that they will be putting more effort in fighting gold shops, so this may be the effect of their statement.

Also, as some of you may know, was previously known as Bogldgold, however, they too had to shut down due to legal reasons with Jagex. You can find out more in this article.


After shut down, a lot of copycats appeared. They try to use the known and trustworthy name of an established website to scam people out of their hard earned money! To avoid this scam ALWAYS check the name of the website to make sure you are buying from the correct one. Also, you can check Trustpilot for reviews (the domain name should match exactly in Trustpilot) and domain registry for domain age – the domain should be registered at least 4 years ago. Here’s a good guide on how to stay safe when buying OSRS gold.

What’s next for and their customers


As seen in their statement, if you have any issues with your recent orders you can still contact them to sort it out.

If, however, you are looking to buy Runescape gold, here’s a few tips that will protect you from losing money:

  • Be weary of websites that look exactly like or have a similar name! After Boglagold shut down, a website popped up with exact same design and a very similar name – this website scammed lots of people!
  • If you are looking to buy cheap gold, when choosing a new gold provider be sure to check out their reviews on trustpilot. It’s best if the website has at least 100+ reviews and be sure that there are no more than 4% 1 star reviews.
  • If you decide to buy gold from a new gold seller, I really recommend trusting the waters with a lower amount for the first few purchases, just to make sure they are legit.
  • Alternatively you can choose to buy gold directly from Runescape in the form of bonds, however, you will be paying a lot more money per mil.


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