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OSRS Mobile Reviews

It‘s been quite some time since OSRS Mobile open beta was launched and on All Hallows Eve we have witnessed the full launch of the game on mobile platform. Now both pay-to-play and free-to-play players can enjoy cross-platform Old School RuneScape experience! The game sure gained popularity and a huge influx of players is reflected on our OSRS gold stock as well. However, as with many things, there were various opinions on the game going to mobile: some were more than happy to hear the news and play the game, some were worried about compatibility and connectivity issues, while others viewed this just as another money grab by yet another game developer. In this blog post we‘re going to see how OSRS Mobile was (and is) faring and players‘ opinions on it.

OSRS Mobile Changes

The game, obviously, has undergone several changes, some of which weer significant. It‘s only natural that changes had to be done if the game was to be played on mobile. Some of these were made back in the beta and OSRS Mobile open beta, which we‘ve already covered. In short: mobile data usage was brought to reasonable levels, some adjustments to controls were made (such as holding your finger working in the same way as right-clicking with mouse), banking and dropping items etc. Furthermore, some adjustments to interface were made, such as realignment of some UI elements and making some buttons bigger. That, however, does not stop people from annoying miss-clicks and sometimes interaction with the game is still a bit awkward, as can be expected from such click-intensive game being played on relatively small screen.

OSRS Mobile and the Playerbase

It would be hard to overstate how popular OSRS Mobile is, especially after its full release. The number of players has surged and to tackle with that game developers released a whole bunch of new worlds. The general excitement could hardly be put into words. A vast majority of players are happy about the game. Having said this, it is important to note that there’s also some dissatisfaction. If you were unfortunate enough to wander into the wrong places of the internet, you would probably say that there’s a lot of that. Despite a few based criticisms, a lot of negative reviews seem to have roots in basic misunderstanding, especially that of old RuneScape veterans coming back just to play on mobile. It’s not that easy to pin down the actual issue: maybe it’s the players who didn’t read the info on the game, maybe game developers are at fault for not communicating certain pieces of information clearly. Whatever the case, if you have questions about OSRS Mobile yourself, feel free to check out FAQ and more likely than not you will find an answer to your question. And as for the negative reviews, take a look at this video and see them for yourself.

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