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If you have ever watched an Old School Runescape video on youtube you probably noticed all of the different things going on in the game client. These things include xp trackers, menu entry swapping, hiscores, timers, clue helpers, boss helpers and thousand more features. Yes, these features are amazing, but are the clients that offer these features safe?

The answer is yes, but it depends on the client. The safest client will always be the official Old School Runescape client, however, it doesn’t have any features. The most popular client with best features is RuneLite. It is an open source client, meaning that anyone can view the code. For that reason you can be sure that the client is safe, because if it wasn’t, people would notice.OSRS RuneLite client is deemed safe by Jagex

What is the best Osrs client?

The best OSRS client is RuneLite. It has plenty features that will help you enjoy the game even more and track your progress. If you want to read more about other good OSRS clients be sure to read this article.


Does Jagex allow RuneLite?

When RuneLite first came to the scene Jagex wanted to discourage people from using it, they even considered suing the company, however, due to large support from the community they let the client be. There is a conspiracy theory that Jagexed used to take a cut of OSBuddy profits and after RuneLite came to be, the profits dropped, as RuneLite was free and OSBuddy wasn’t. Although these are just rumors, many people believe it.


Is RuneLite better than OSBuddy?

RuneLite is better than OSBuddy, because all of the features RuneLite offers are free. OSBuddy was created by a former Runescape Bot developer and OSBuddy client isn’t open source, for these reason people tend to stick with RuneLite.

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