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Old School Runescape has surprised us this year with the updates made. Starting with the expansion of Gielinor, adding the farming guild, Kebos lowlands, a new slayer master (Konar), slayer monsters and a new slayer boss (Alchemical hydra).

Hosidius rework has been taken and the creation of the Forthos dungeon with a new boss (Sarachnis) has been added. It can be found through the treasure trails (Mimic). This update is a very big addition to the game and is exactly the type of thing Old School Runescape players wanted.

It seems that they have done enough for the year of 2019, but the opening of the City of Priffdina, after completion of “The Song of the elves” quest known as SOTE, brings a great variety to the game. New bosses, minigames, new agility courses, farming paths and much more. This gives the game a whole new perspective and allows the players of OSRS to enjoy more the game has to offer.

Although Warding has lost the battle for now, the expansion of the Fremennik series has allowed the release of the “Fremennik Exiles” quest, basilisk knight and the ability to upgrade your helm of neitiznot to a neitiznot faceguard.

These have been the most relevant Old School Runescape updates implemented in the year 2019. This shows a great expectation of what will come later. Here we will present the upcoming updates.

Upcoming updates

-Hitsplat Update

In order to differentiate between the attacks of the monsters and other players, it is planned to change hit colors, that way the player knows who they are attacking.

-Kourend rework

In this last year, there has been reworks for some houses of Kourend such as Hosidius, but Mod West has talked about planning to rework Arceuus and Lovakeng to continue in the sequence that they have done. Mod West posted possible changes that would be applied to the Arceuus spell book, although it is not something that is confirmed to be a reality.

-Achievement Diaries – rebalances and improvements

It is being planned to modify the rewards of some high-level diaries such as Karamja and desert, downgrading or changing the rewards that are not necessary upped in their vision, also perhaps add a few new rewards to fill some gaps.

Also they even want to remove some requirements such as imbue the salve in the nightmare zone, to complete the Ardougne Elite Diary, but it is something that is still on discussion.

-Reformation of the in-game Death Mechanics

Part of life is death, in a game such as Old School Runescape, it happens day by day, for that reason the community has been watching this topic carefully and they are worried for integrity of some player regarding how “weak and forgiving” the death mechanics rules. They have proposed an idea to reduce the amount of risk of losing the items after death.

The J-mods have put an alert on that subject and have proposed to apply a grave system to conserve the items upon death, at the same exact or close spot where they died, which is available in all worlds, but the time of the items will be reduced, from the current 60 mins to 20, if the player logs out time will stop, when log in again the time will continue running. It will not apply to PVP worlds or PVP zones.

-Boss Hiscores

The OSRS team plans to add all data logged into a “boss log”. All kill counts would be made public in the official OSRS hiscores.

They hope to make this into a reality as soon as possible. All players will be able to see everyone’s boss kill counts on the website.

-Giant Bosses – Continuation

Not everything is about P2P, so it is planned to continue with the Giant bosses series. Ice and fire giant can be added to the F2P but it is still on discussion it will be or won’t be a reality.

-The revisit of some drop tables

To contribute to the economy within the game, the mods will review the drop table of some monsters to be modified and prevent some high demand items from continuing to lower the price.

There has not yet been a concrete statement of which monsters will be affected but they have placed an example of the gargoyles and the granite maul. An item of high demand, such as the maul, can be removed from the drop table which will be preventing the value falling continuously. It will instead be a drop of the gargoyle boss only.

-Black Graceful set

The proposal to add one more variant of the graceful black color has been very well received between the community and mods. It had already been discussed multiple times but it will already be a reality. Mod Ry was working specifically on this new variant of the graceful.

Once again, the Old School Runescape team continues to demonstrate the hard work they do every day, to continue evolving without leaving the essence of Old School, the main feature of the game. Every day is more exciting and more novelties have been applied since the launch of the game itself, while listening to the opinion of what players expect from Old School Runescape.

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