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RuneScape Player Owned Farms

It would be difficult to find a MMORPG without its version of player housing nowadays and RuneScape is no exception. Player housing has been there for quite some time, both in Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. A player can make their homes cosy by decorating their house however they wish, but decoration is just the surface of this concept. Players can add rooms, change the layout of their house and build a wide range of useful installments, like altars, for example. Jagex team working on RuneScape decided to expand on this concept and added player owned farms. These are somewhat similar to housing in principle but come with a vast array of new features!


Players can breed many different animals in their farms: chickens, rabbits, cows, yaks and even dragons! Yes, that’s no mistake – dragons! Different animals have different traits (good and sometimes bad) and those traits can be passed on to their offspring. Don’t be scared when you log in and check your farm and find that there is some weird looking rabbit or yak hanging around! These are a sort of mutation, a “rare version” of an animal not so special otherwise. These provide you with sweet bonuses, besides making your farm look like some fairy tale experimenting grounds. But as one wise man said, sweet bonuses come with sweat breaking responsibilities.

Location of player owned farm in RuneScape

Location of player owned farm in RuneScape


Just like in real world, certain animals will only consume certain type food. For example, you can’t feed your yaks meat or your dragons hay. Once you decide to become a farmer, know that you will also have to work like a serious farmer. You will have to feed your animals, but you will also have to do other things as well. Your animals can get sick and in that case you will have to inspect the sick animal, find out what it’s suffering from and then apply necessary treatment. Aspiring farmers will also have to deal with a ton of sh*t. Literally. Cleaning after your beloved creatures is as important as feeding and keeping them healthy and happy. If you didn’t know, the whole ecosystem is a huge and intricate cycle and Jagex did not forget about that. Though, in RuneScape this cycle is somewhat simplified, you can still benefit from it. What do we mean by that? The manure you collect while cleaning after your animals can be turned into compost which then can be used in your garden to grow herbs. At last, ultracompost was introduced also into RuneScape 3 (OSRS farmers have been enjoying the benefits of ultracompost for around a year now).


Alongside the obvious benefits that taking care of your animals get you which, by the way, is a scientifically proven fact, doing chores in your farm will provide you with tremendous amount of farming experience, ingredients for special skilling potions and the most hard working farmers will also be able to claim a new outfit, which will scream at other players “I deal with a lot more manure daily than you do!”.

In case you don’t have enough coin to start your own farm, you can always buy some RuneScape gold from our shop. We’re all about helping out small businesses and giving them a leg up!

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