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Old School RuneScape Mobile Release, Troll Quest and More

While most of us were on summer vacation travelling or playing our favorite game, Jagex didn‘t rest and OSRS team kept watch over their baby. Was it solving issues promptly or delivering updates, the work went on despite temptanions to cool oneself off in a pool. In this post we will be overviewing the most recent update.

Old School RuneScape Mobile Release

Finally! After months of closed and open betas, Jagex announced the official release date for OSRS Mobile, which is October 30th. Kind of spooky, if you ask me, but welcome news nevertheless! Currently only members were allowed to enjoy playing the game on their mobile devices during traffic jams, but now free players as well will be able to ease the pain of daily commute with a fix of OSRS play time. You might be wondering how does OSRS Mobile work and if you are, check out our previous post on OSRS Mobile to see what‘s it all about. Some minor changes have been since then, though, but these are mostly related to user interface. Jagex kept true to their word and took not of players‘ feedback and implemented some features to make it easier for OSRS Mobile players to enjoy the game! You can pre-order the game on the App Store or pre-register on Google Play to make sure you don‘t get left behind.

Making Friends with My Arm

Another addition to Old School RuneScape is a new quest “Making Friends with My Arm”. The idea of the quest was announced a couple years back, but the poll whether this idea should be realized or not was held back in August this year. We see now that most of you wanted a sequel to troll quest and now you’ll have it! This is a master quest, meaning that you newbies out there will have to work your way up to be able to take part in this quest, but we believe that the effort will be worth it. Quest requirements are:

66 Firemaking (no boosts allowed)

72 Mining

35 Construction

68 Agility





Bolt of cloth

5 mahogany planks

Cadava berry

And, of course, combat equipment

On the northern edge of the world and east of Wilderness live a tribe of Weiss trolls and they will teach you a thing or two

On the northern edge of the world and east of Wilderness live a tribe of Weiss trolls and they will teach you a thing or two

There are quite a bunch of quests that have to be completed as a requirement and you can check out the full list of rewards as well as the walkthrough. Community content makers aren’t sleeping as well! This quest’s main rewards are access to the Salt Mines, ability to build fire pits that will burn permanently and a new disease-free herb patch in Weiss. Druids approve the latter, but building permanent fire pits can’t be good for the climate… You will not have to worry about getting to your new herb patch since you will be able to build a Troll Stronghold portal in your own house. Now that’s convenience!

Trolls know something we do not about farming in arctic climate...

Trolls know something we do not about farming in arctic climate…

If you’re interested in the new merchandise and more, check out news here. For those out there who are excited about the new quest but can’t really embark on the adventure due to them not meeting the requirements – do not worry and grab a some Old School RuneScape gold for a good price and so you can boost your progress and jump into the action without having to farm seemingly eternally for a few coins!

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