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Welcome back, players!

We just updated our website and made it insanely simple to use. We want to greet all our customers by giving them free RS gold. In order to get it just type our secret code ”EZ RS07 & RS3 GOLD” into the live chat box at the right bottom corner. You don’t want to wait! This is a limited time offer, which ends at 23rd of December. So, better be sure you are the one, who took free millions 😉 You can simply copy and paste a code into live chat and you will get 5% bonus gold of your successful order. Our customer support works 24/7 so they will calculate your purchase + 5% instantly and let you know total gold, which will be delivered within 3 minutes. This deal is one time use only.

What’s new with this update?

Minigames helper

Now you are able to buy not only rs3 & osrs gold & quests helper but minigames help as well! You can do it simply by adding our quests & minigames representative on a skype. He will get in touch with you within 24 hours after invitation and your order will be done in two days. Usually it is very fast, takes no longer than 48 hours, but if your order is very huge it is possible to take a little bit longer. In every case our representative will inform you exact amount of time before he starts to work. For now you can pay only by osrs gold, if you don’t have your own – feel free to buy from us.

Frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions from people who never bought gold in their past. They have a bunch of questions for us like ‘’how to buy Runescape gold? How do I get it? Can I get banned for RWT?’’ etc. So we made a separate page with all the most popular questions. Now you can check them in one place and make sure you know everything.

Buy RS gold tables

We gave a new fresh look to the tables where you are buying rs07 & rs3 gold. Nice design, bigger buttons and added a quick buy where you can choose preferable amount of millions just by one click! Whole payment process requires no more than 3 clicks.


Here we are going to write some reviews about Runescape updates, money making guides, scams, bugs, legends and much much more – everything what is concerned with RS. So stay tuned, because we are going to update it weekly and give you all the new tricks in this volatile gaming world.                      

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