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Over the years Runescape has had some major bugs in the game. Most of these bugs had to do with getting massive amounts of runescape gold in a short period of times. Some glitches were used to gain access to places, you shouldn’t have access to. Other glitches were done purely for fun with nothing to gain. Here in this blog section we will talk about the most popular glitches that happened in the game. We actually have a friend who uses glitches and sells his RS 07 gold to us all the time. So we will also try to write about a few of the glitches he used trough out his glitching carreer aswell as a few glitches that were around recently.

Runescape duplication glitch

The first glitch that we‘re going to talk about is the infamous runescape duplicating glitch. The title may suggest that we are going to talk about a specific glitch, but there were so many duplicating glitches around that I could make an entire blog category dedicated to them. However im not going to do that and instead I‘ll write about a few of them in this blogspot. The glitch I‘m writing about happened in the year 2012. It came with the Crucible update. Not many people had what it takes to execute that glitch, because you had to have max cash – 2147m. How this bug worked was pretty simple – all you had to do is have max cash in your money pouch and have your inventory filled with items. What you would do is pay the fee to enter the Cruicible, leave the Cruicible, take some gold out of the bank so you have your pouch full again and then, simply claim the cruicible fee. Your inventory is full, your money pouch is full, so the money ends up on the floor and because of flawed programming, Runescape, for some reason, dropped 2 piles of cash on the ground. So it would double the fee you were paying. If you did that efficiantly you could make anywhere from 100m to 200m rsgp an hour. However, Runescape mods soon found out about the glitch and every player that abused it got banned and shamed on the front page of

Runescape 3 duel arena duplication glitch

Another version of this glitch was happening in the duel arena. Compared to the duel arena glitch, Crucible glitch was childs play, because with the duel arena glitch you could be making 100bil an hour. This glitch crashed the runescape gold market and left a huge impact on the game. There was so much money flooding in to the game that it changed Runescape’s economy. It worked similar to the Cruicible glitch, because it also required you to have max cash. Actually, you had to have 2 max cash stacks for it to work. Player  1 would have to challange player 2 and put up a max cash stack in the stake screen. Both players would acceept the stake. Once in the duel arena, player 2 would unequip one of the items he was wearing to fill his inventory up. Player 1 would have to forfiet the duel. Then both players will respawn back in the duel arena building and player 2 will have 2 piles of max cash under his feet, because his gold pouch was full and there was no space in the inventory. My friend actually took part in this glitch. He sold me like 300b rs3 gold in a few hours and made a lot of money for his rsgp. He even said that none of his accounts got banned for using this glitch, and he said this was one of the most profitable glitches he came across in 5 years of looking for rs glitches.

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