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Since the release of Runescape 2 back in the year 2003 there has been quite a few extraordinary players in the RS community. Here in this blog we will try to pay tribute to most of them. Some of these people got famous by being the best in the game, making the most entertaining content for the community to enjoy, hoarding runescape gold or having a certain skill that made them stand out from every other player. But not everyone got famous for the right reasons. Some got famous by scamming people of their precious runescape money, others got famous by luring naive players and taking all their hard earned gold. So no matter how these people got famous, if they left a mark on our community, we will do our best to mention them in our blog.  

The most famous Runescape player

Without a doubt, when talking about Old School Runescape, the first name that comes to your head is Zezima. He was my childhood hero and I always looked up to him. The reason he was famous was his amazing dedication to this game. He was the number one Runescape player for a couple of years, spending countless hours grinding out all the stats beyond level 99. He was the first person to achieve 1980 and 2079 total levels. He was also the first person to get 99 slayer and achieve a total xp of 1 billion. I wonder how much gold he had to spend on all those skills, but he probably gathered all of the supplies he used from various skills.

Where is Zezima now?

During the years Runescape went trough a lot of changes. New skills, removing free trade, wilderness, evolution of combat and so on. These updates affected a lot of osrs players. Most of these updates changed the game so much that most people lost intrest in it. Zezima simply stopped playing runescape as actively as he used to. He said the main reason for that is that he lost the sense of achievment. RS was made to be played easier, allowing player to train skills faster and with less effort and that devaluated the achievments Zezima already had. That drove him away from the game. Altough he still plays the game on ocasion and he even has an osrs account. He also plays rs3 but with all the new skills he is not even maxed out.

Devotion for the game is above the gold

Zezima was a great player that will always stay in our hearts and even the new players that recently joined the game know of his legacy. Zezima wasn‘t the richest, he never had a lot of rsgp, but what he had was more dedication to play the game than anyone else at that time and this is the reason we all love and remember him.

Durial321 – Falador massacre

Durial321 is one of the most infamous Runescape player of all time. He found a bug that lead to the well-known Falador massacre that happened on the 6th of July in the year 2006. That’s correct, the date was 6-6-6 and the events that happened that day will never be forgotten. This bug allowed him to attack anyone outside the wilderness as well as inside player owned houses. He targeted wealthy players and managed to get himself a green party hat, which, at the time, was both rare and expensive. He wore that party hat and continued killing everyone in his way. The people he was killing couldn’t even retaliate!

Durial321 was wearing an ahrim’s robe top and bottom, a fire cape, an abyssal whip, obsidian shield (Toktz-ket-xil) and a pair of climbing boots. This iconic look can still be seen around both RS3 and OSRS even today because the Runescape community will never forget about such a rare event.  Durial321 continued his slaughter of other players for about an hour before he got banned. He was lvl 115 combat before he got a permanent IP ban. Jagex mods were actually woken up from their sleep and rushed to the office to fix this bug!

As a tribute to this event the Old School Runescape team orchestrated an Easter egg. In 2016, June, 10 years after the Falador massacre, players wandering around Falador would get a similar pop up that happens in Barrows tunnels except, the head would be of Durial321. There were also green party hats and bones spawning on the floor.

In addition to that, on June 6th 2016 you could go to World 666, which was a tournament world. When there you could pick up any items you wanted and teleport to Falador, which was a pvp area. Everyone was fighting each other and there was also an NPC version of Durial321 who was killing everyone around him and everyone was trying to kill him. He has 9500 hit points and as soon as he got killed he would respawn. He was using ice barrage spells as well as his whip and he was very hard to defeat. Upon his death he dropped a green party hat. Jagex also outdid themselves by creating a sound track on Runescape based on a song by Nightwish named “Planet Hell”. This song played on the original Youtube video of Durial321 killing everyone.

During the same day RS3 also had an event to commemorate the massacre. This event happened in every world and people could battle each other in Falador. Upon death they wouldn’t lose any items. Durial321 would also spawn in the party room but he was set up to be more of a challenge. Whenever he killed anyone he would regain hp and after his hitpoints fell below 50% players would only be able to deal 1hp damage at the time.

A Friend

The man, the myth, the legend. This is my personal favorite Runescape player of all time. He is famous for making extremely entertaining Youtube videos. And is currently the most subscribed Runescape related Youtube channel. His real name is Dovydas and he is from Lithuania. He got famous by making “loot from 10 hours of… “ videos. But he didn’t stop there. He also made a lot of guides or PvM related videos. Today he mainly makes progress videos of his hardcore ironman account named “white cat21”.

He visited Jagex several times with a few other selected players to test out new updates. He even got a Golden Gnome award for being the best video maker.

Dovydas has a pay to win rs3 account that he maxed in a little over 3 days of game time by spending approximately 13,000$! In addition to that he also has another maxed rs3 account and two OSRS accounts with very high stats.

A friend is an iconic Runescape player and I wish him the best. He did a lot for the community and he will always be remembered by those who play OSRS or RS3. His love for Karambwans and the ability to say the words bye will never be forgotten.


Possibly the smartest Runescape player out there. The reason he is so good at Runescape is because he tries figuring out the mechanics behind the game and using them to his advantage. He is a programmer in real life so he knows how to code. He has various formulas to calculate the best DPS, formulas for figuring out the best supplies to take and others. He is known by most players as a PvM expert.

I first discovered Woox when I saw a video of him killing TzTok-Jad in 7 seconds! That was insane.

He also has a lot of other great achievements such as being one of the first people to successfully solo the corporeal beast as well as Nex. He also likes to do videos of him killing the toughest bosses in Runescape with low tier gear, no food or simply killing monsters such as King Black Dragon in as little as 5 seconds.

Woox and Desiboys became the first people to defeat Vorago in a duo team. Not only that, but they were the only people to defeat this extremely difficult boss with under 5 man team!

He was also the first person to destroy Kalphite King without a team.

Woox has 2 maxed out skills – 200m Xp in woodcutting and Dungeoneering.

Today he mainly plays on his ironman account. He streams frequently, however, doesn’t encourage people to donate him money. He plays the game for the enjoyment of it and doesn’t really care about the fame or the money.


Was an extraordinary famous Runescape player who got to the top by making outstanding videos. He created various characters like Bob, TehBoxNoob, Fally guard and many more. He also used the existing Runescape characters such as Zamorak, Saradomin and Guthix to give them a unique character. He build stories among these characters that were very entertaining to watch. I remember constantly waiting for a new video from TehNoobshow.

One of my personal favorite series of his was “Runescape Gods Exposed” which featured Guthix, Zamorak and Saradomin. It was hilarious how he portrayed Guthix as a complete dumbass who left the other gods frustrated by his ignorance.

One of his character named “Bob”resembles a bot who looks exactly like a bot. It’s a default look for a new character in Runescape that has an iconic look thanks to all the bots running in Runescape and TehNoobShow, giving a character to this look.

His videos were amazing and it makes me sad that he quit making them, but who knows, maybe one day he will return.

These are the most known players in all of Runescape and their legacy will live forever. There are a lot of other players who made a huge impact on the community so here are the honorable mentions.

Sparc mac

He’s an amazing player, mostly known for his entertaining PKing and staking adventures. Sparc mac also has the biggest community channel. He enjoys the game for its roleplaying aspects and has developed a character called Lil Willis. He also enjoys ninja turteling people in the wilderness.


This guy was a legend back in 2006. He was known for destroying anyone he found in the wilderness. He used to wear mystic robes and a magic shortbow or a karils crossbow and would use a combination of ice blitz and range attacks to bring down his opponents.


Was richest known runescape player. She was known for manipulating the market and making huge amounts of gold.

Kids Ranqe

Another amazing PKer mostly known for his outstanding PK videos.


He used to be extremely popular for his weird personality and random bursts of anger. He still makes videos, however, he lost his popularity over time because people grew tired of him.

Here are all the people that are stuck in my memory. There are a few other players that aren’t yet Legends, but on the way there. Players such as Torvesta, SirPuger, Framed are great and contribute a lot to the community, but they’re not quite there.

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