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My first time meeting Zezima

If you ever played RuneScape you know who Zezima is. If you had a brain concussion and forgot you can click here to refresh your memory. But in short, Zezima is the best known RuneScape player and believe it or not, I have actually met him many years ago and I will be sharing one of the best childhood memories I still have.

Rs gold was a problem

I was poor, had no idea how to play the game and I recently died to a sneaky ambush executed by a team of Dark Mages that reside near Varrock. Days were long and I wasn’t getting anywhere, but I had a dream of becoming great. This is where Zezima comes in. He was my idol, I admired his dedication and I wanted to have 99 strength just like him. However, I knew that killing chickens just won’t get me there so the only logical thing to do was steal my moms credit card and buy some RuneScape gold from a gold shop and also 1 month of membership. That month turned in to a year and I was still a member. I guess my mom was charged every month but she didn’t notice so it’s all cool.

Zezimas advice

Anyway, I was training every day and getting my stats up, traveling all over RuneScape, completing quests, making money and buying gf’s. Life was good, I had no worries. One day I decided to go and get myself some void armor. And what do you know. I ran in to the man himself – Zezima. I couldn’t believe this happened. People were all around him but he didn’t really care. What a badass. He was just trying to get himself some void armor just like me and we ended up in the same boat. Once we spawned in pest control I made sure to follow him and kill the same portals as he did. My hopes were that he will give me some life changing advice. I asked him what should I do in RuneScape. He was silent while he was killing a portal and all of a sudden a message appeared. “Kill the spinners before you kill the portal” – he said. Now, for all of you that don’t know, spinners are monsters in Pest Control mini game. These monsters have the ability to heal the portals and you must kill them when they spawn. I didn’t think much of his message, I thought he was just trying to help me figure out the mini game but a few years later I really thought about what he said and it was much deeper than just killing a monster in RuneScape. What he meant with that message was life changing for me when I realized it. If you really think about it, his advice meant that you must do some minor things in life to get to the main tasks. You can’t go from point A to point C without going over point B. I followed his advice ever since and whenever I have a task that has to be done I be sure to complete it the way that Zezima would – remove the obstacles that separate me from doing the task and then do my best to complete it.

I hope you liked this story and hopefully you took something from it. If you need to buy rs3 gold, swap it over to osrs gold or straight up buy rs2007 gold be sure to use our services. Take care.

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