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Smithing is a valuable skill in RuneScape, used to create weapons, armor, ammunition, and utility items. This guide will be perfect to take you from level 1 to 99 in the most quickly and efficiently way as possible. We will provide you with a detailed overview of the fastest methods and easy training techniques that will enable you to reach your desired level quickly and easily while covering as well the most profitable methods, we’ll also touch on some useful Ironman Smithing methods and Free-to-Play training methods. 


What is smithing?

Smithing is a skill in OSRS that allows players to create weapons, armor, and various metal items by smelting ores and shaping them on anvils. The items created through Smithing can be sold for profit, providing a lucrative opportunity for players. Different methods of smithing offer varying rates of XP/h, there are 2 main ways of getting XP: 

1. Smelting metal ores to make bars at a furnace 

2. Using a hammer with those bars to craft weapons and armor 

Starting Out: quests and requirements  

Knight’s Sword Quest: 


  1. Iron Bar (2) 
  2. Redberry Pie 
  3. Pickaxe (Any type that you can use; it is needed to mine Blurite. Iron or better is recommended.) 
  4. Bluerite Ore (You will mine this during the Quest.) 


12725 Smithing XP (1 to 29) 

Elemental Workshop I Quest (Members)   


  1. Coal (4)
  2. Iron Bar
  3. Pickaxe (Any type that you can use; it is needed to mine elemental Ore)


5000 Smithing XP (29 to 32) 

Sleeping Giants quest (Members)  


  1. 3 Oak Logs  
  2. 1 Wool (Note: Ball of Wool will not work) 
  3. 10 Nails  
  4. Hammer or Imcando Hammer (Note: Other types of hammers will not work) 
  5. Chisel  
  6. 1 Bucket of Water (Obtainable during Quest) or Ice Gloves  
  7. 15 Smithing  


6000 Smithing XP (32 to 35)  

Fastest way to 99 Smithing

Level 1 to 35 

  • The Knight’s Sword
  • Elemental Workshop I
  • Sleeping Giants

Use the quest helper plugin on Runelite for easier run through

Level 15 to 40   


•198,000 GP  


• Completion of the Giant Dwarf quest to access Keldagrim and the Blast Furnace minigame

1.2k coins per minute for Blast Furnace, plus an extra 2.5k every 10 minutes if under level 60 Smithing.     


• Use the official Blast Furnace Worlds: ( 352, 355, 356, 357, 358, 386, 387, 395, 424, 466, 494, 495, 496, 515, and 516)

Travel to Keldagrim (via mine carts or using the blast furnace minigame teleport):

Once in Keldagrim, head East from the train station into Keldagrim’s east side. Walk North and cross the bridge to the Blast Furnace area.

Prepare Your Inventory:
For most ores, you’ll need to have coal in your inventory (except for iron, silver, gold, and mithril). Check the ratio of coal to other ores required for each bar type and carry them in the appropriate ratios.

the Foreman (if necessary):
If your Smithing level is under 60, pay the Blast Furnace Foreman (located within the minigame area) 2,500 coins for 10 minutes of furnace use.

Load the Conveyor Belt: Deposit your ores onto the conveyor belt near the bank chest and then run to the other side of the Blast Furnace

Operate the Blast Furnace: On dedicated Blast Furnace worlds, NPCs will be operating the parts of the furnace for you, but on other worlds, you may need to do this yourself. The components that may need operating are the Pump, the Pedals, the Coke/Coal (Stove) and the Bellows

Collect the Bars: Once smelted, your bars will appear in the bar dispenser next to the conveyor belt. Simply click on the dispenser to collect your smelted bars. 

Repeat: After collecting your bars, return to the bank chest, prepare another inventory of ores, and repeat the process.

Level 40 to 99


•Around 25 million GP    


Goldsmith gauntlets (from Family Crest Quest), Ice gloves or bucket, and access to the Blast Furnace

• After completing the quest, Dimintheis will reward you with the ‘Family gauntlets‘. These gauntlets can be enchanted to become either Chaos Gauntlets, Cooking Gauntlets, or Goldsmith Gauntlets

• Enchant the Gauntlets to Goldsmith Gauntlets:

To turn the Family Gauntlets into Goldsmith Gauntlets, take them to Avan, who is located in the Al Kharid mine. He will enchant them for you. 

• Equip the Goldsmith Gauntlets when smelting gold ores to receive 56.2 experience per gold ore instead of the standard 22.5.    


• Smelt Gold ore at the Blast Furnace using the method described above but without using coal. 

• Smithing Gold bars provide over 300k XP per hour, and it’s the fastest viable training method for Smithing in the game.

Profitable Smithing methods

Making Dart Tips 

-Profit Per Hour: 

• Varies by metal 


• Completion of the Tourist Trap quest


• Smith dart tips from metal bars.

Making Cannonballs (AFK) 

-Profit Per Hour: 

• Low 


• Completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest (5 minutes).


• Converting steel bars into cannonballs at any furnace (Edgeville recommended since its near to the bank)

Making Mithril, Adamant, and Rune Bars at the Blast Furnace 

-Profit Per Hour: 

• Up to 800,000 GP (for Runite bars) Requirement: 

• Coal bag, Ice gloves, access to the Blast Furnace 


• Same as described at level 15 to 40 method except coal bag is needed to make more XP/h.

-Estimated XP per hour: 

75k/h for Iron,
• 94k/h for Steel,
• 108k/h for Mithril,
• 101k/h for Adamant,
• 107k/h for Runite.

Ironman training methods

Ironman in OSRS have unique challenges when it comes to training their Smithing skill. Without access to the Grand Exchange and limited resources, finding efficient training methods can be tricky. However, there are still options available to maximize your XP/h rate. One method is to focus on mining your own ores and smelting them into bars. This eliminates the need to buy materials, saving you precious gold. Another option is to participate in minigames that offer Smithing rewards, such as the Motherlode Mine. These methods may require more time and effort, but they can be rewarding for Ironman looking to level up their Smithing skill.

Free to play methods

In case you don’t want to spend real life money we’ve got you covered with these free-to-play methods. While the options may be more limited, there are still ways to efficiently train your Smithing skill without breaking the bank.

The first step is to complete the Knight’s Sword quest, make iron items until plate bodies, then steel plates to 68, mithril to 88, and adamant to 99. 

• Another method is Smithing silver bars in a furnace while making a little profit. 

Note: For a detailed breakdown of GP/XP or the cost and profit of all these methods, please check online calculators that use current market prices for the most accurate information. This guide is an effective roadmap for players of all levels looking to get level 99 the Smithing skill in RuneScape.

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